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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The government has the responsibility to keep the public informed on how it conducts business. One of the tools available to the public to attain this type of information is access to government records.

The Freedom of Information Act are Records Access Laws pertaining to agency records. The FOIA is a federal statute which governs federal records, i.e. those maintained on behalf of a federal agency or Kentucky Department of Military Affairs (DMA).

Every government employee plays a vital role with regard to release of information to the public.

Authority to release records or deny access to records, does not exist at unit/office level. RAOs are trained to assess fees, apply waivers and protect non-Public data/information.

Authority to deny access to records is reserved to the following:

(1) Kentucky DMA Records - Military Records Branch Manager

(2) Federal Records - Chief, National Guard Bureau

All requests for federal records exempted from release under the FOIA must be forwarded to the National Guard Bureau with a recommendation to not release the records based on the appropriate citation from the FOIA.

Persons denied access to records have the right to appeal. Appellate Authorities are:

(1) State Records - KY DMA Executive Director

(2) Federal Records - Secretary of the Army, Secretary of the Air Force

All requests for information under federal or state records access laws must be forwarded to a designated RAO:

(1) KY DMA State Appeals - KY DMA Executive Director forwards opinion to the KY Attorney General's office.

(2) Kentucky Army National Guard Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act requests can be:

     a. Mailed to the following address:

             FOIA/PA Officer
             BNGC, J6, BLDG 154
             100 Minuteman Parkway
             Frankfort, KY 40601-6168

     b. Emailed to:  ngkyfoia@ng.army.mil 

     c. Faxed to: 502-607-1321

FOIA requestors who have any questions concerning the processing of their requests with the KY Army National Guard Requestor Service Center should contact this center at 502-607-1561.  If you are not satisfied with the response from the center, you may contact the ARNG FOIA Officer, Ms. Jennifer Nikolaisen, at 703-607-3195 or by e-mail FOIA@ng.army.mil.

(3) Kentucky Air National Guard Freedom of Information Act Requests

All requests for Air National Guard records may be directed to ARNG FOIA Officer, Ms. Jennifer Nikolaisen, at (703) 607-3195 or by e-mail FOIA@ng.army.mil


Submit an FOIA Request

A Citizen's Guide To Request Army Records Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOUO)

Don't have ADOBE Acrobat? Download it here

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