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Welcome to Human Resources

Our Mission

The Human Resources Office has responsibility for providing oversight and direction to the full-time force, manpower and workforce management programs that affect manning and support. In all of these areas, the Human Resource Office will provide proactive management, shape policy development, and supervise policy execution.

We will provide excellent service to our entire Full-time Force in a timely, efficient, and confidential manner, consistent with goals of the Adjutant General.

Our Vision

The Human Resource Office will lead the human resources community for all members of the full-time force to become a premier, relevant, unit-based force comprised of ready, adaptable and resilient Citizen Soldiers supporting the Nation and the Commonwealth, Unbridled Service.

We capitalize on meeting the personnel needs of the Kentucky National Guard full-time military members, civilian workforce, their families, and the community.

Human Resources Directorate

COL Hal Lamberton, Director, Human Resources

Kentucky National Guard

Email: haldane.b.lamberton.mil@mail.mil

Phone: 502 607-1083 DSN 667-1083

Mrs. Kelly Bingham, Acting Deputy Director, Human Resources

Kentucky National Guard

Email: kelly.p.bingham.civ@mail.mil

Phone: 502 607-1336 DSN 667-1336

For Full-Time Military Technician Employment verifications, please contact Mrs. Eva Slusher at 502 607-1338.

For Full-Time Active Guard Reserve Employment Verification, please contact SSG Michele Ware at 502 607-1339.

Military Records and Research

In order to obtain copies of inactive Guard personnel files and DD 214s for Kentucky Veteranes please contact: Military Records and Research Branch, 1121 Louisville Road, Suite 5, Frankfort Ky 40601. This office is independent of the Human Resources Office which handles current full-time employees of the Kentucky National Guard.

Main Office Phone: 502-607-6041, Fax: 502-607-6040,

Name Title Email
Mr. Evan Miller Branch Manager Thomas.e.miller96.nfg@mail.mil
Ms. Kathy Gortney Staff Member Kathy.l.gortney.nfg@mail.mil
Mr. Frank Dorten Staff Member Enoch.f.dorten.nfg@mail.mil
Mr. Brandon Slone Archivist Brandon.k.slone.nfg@mail.mil

The Military Records and Research Branch has personnel files for all former members of the Kentucky Army and Air National Guard and DD-214s for veterans whose home of record was Kentucky when they entered the service.

Personnel desiring to obtain their military records must complete the AGO 26-12 Request For Military Records form. The form must be completely filled out and may be sent via email, fax, or regular mail.

All requests must contain the requestor's signature. Copies of documents can only be provided to the veteran or, if he/she is deceased, his/her surviving next of kin.

G1 Military Personnel Related Point of Contact

For military personnel queries regarding traditional military (Non AGR or Federal Technician) personnel contact:

LTC Toby Peterson, Deputy Director, Personnel (G1)

Kentucky National Guard

Email: marion.peterson.mil@mail.mil

Phone: 502-607-1462  DSN 667-1462

Fulltime Job Opportunities within the Kentucky National Guard

If you’re interested in full-time employment with the Kentucky National Guard, please visit the below links:

1. Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Positions: 


2. Federal Technician Positions:

You may view all opportunities within the Kentucky National Guard at: 

Kentucky National Guard Vacancy Announcements on USA Jobs


Last Updated 10/17/2013
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